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TIBOU by Quentin De Coster, Maison Vervloet's first hardware collection for children

With TIBOU, Quentin De Coster developed Maison Vervloet’s first collection of hardware for children.


The primary function of handles and knobs is to open a door or drawer, but kids often divert their uses by using them as coat racks. When hanging a jacket or a bag on a door handle, the object loses its main function and it becomes difficult even impossible to open the door. To enable this duality, all the elements of the TIBOU collection present a small hook on their front face. It gives the child the opportunity of hanging up what he or she wants without hampering the opening of the door or drawer. In this way, the object is both handy and educative.


« When I met Isabelle Hamburger, CEO of Vervloet, she told me about their desire to launch a range for children. » says Quentin De Coster. « The project directly attracted me because I felt it would go beyond the styling. By analyzing the daily routines of a number of children, I quickly identified several interesting tracks. The idea of merging a handle and a coat stand clearly convinced all the people in charge of production, so I designed the entire collection following this principle. »



The collection will be presented in the exhibition "Meet My Project" (viale Crispi 5) during Milan Design Week.


More info: website Quentin De Coster

Images: Elodie Timmermans


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