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Wit+goed transforms into Clodette

Karen Van Winkel and Veerle Dobbelaere, the two founding members of Wit+goed, have decided to change the name of their label. Au revoir Wit+goed, nice to meet you Clodette! With this new brand name the ladies want to conquer Europe and the world with their collection of white household linen for kitchen, living room and bathroom.

“Wit+goed” is a Belgian label that was founded almost 2 years ago by Karen Van Winkel and Veerle Dobbelaere. Karen is a photographer with a passion for cupcakes; Veerle we all know from various TV-shows and numerous successful Flemish movies.

Their motto: “Forward to basics”, their ambition: to get the whole family around the kitchen or dining room table and have them enjoy each other and a very crispy collection of white household linen.

In each of their designs a little white button combined with an accent of red yarn can be discovered as their personal signature.

The Clodette collection is available at various retailers throughout the country but the ladies also have their own e-shop and flagship store in the Volkstraat in Antwerp. Go conquer the world Clodette!


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